Chiesa Battista della Grazia

Voi infatti siete stati salvati per grazia – Efesini 2:8

  • Gesu ci salva!

  • Voi infatti siete stati salvati per grazia, mediante la fede, e ciò non viene da voi, è il dono di Dio, non per opere, perché nessuno si glori. – Efesini 2:8-9

  • Poiché tre sono quelli che rendono testimonianza nel cielo: il Padre, la Parola e lo Spirito Santo; e questi tre sono uno. – 1 Giovanni 5:7


Grace Baptist Church is

…a community of people who have common beliefs.  We are united in our love for God and gather together to worship Him and support one another in our journey with Him.  We are the body of Christ and seek to do as the Head of the body (Jesus) directs us.  Our church’s goal is to please our Lord and Savior.  We focus on holiness and purity over quantity and entertainment.

Heaven is better than this!

Whether you are having a good day or a bad year one thing is for certain; Heaven is better than this.  In fact Paul described it as “far better”.  After this life you will eternally abide somewhere…but where?



Most people are trying to work their way to heaven.  God has already done all the work.  Click here to get a free copy.



Diodati’s Bible has had a spiritual impact on Italian Christians for centuries.   It has been printed hundreds of times.


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